STAB-O-MAT- 快適な高さ調節用ガススプリング






このプレッシャーチューブとガイドチューブの組み合わせは特許を取得したダブルシリンダーシステムによって実現されています。江西体育彩票-官网开户自立型補助プレッシャー チューブを利用して、シートにかかる重みと、(シートに不均一な力がかかることによって生じる)曲げモーメントによる荷重を吸収します。

更にSTAB-O-MATガススプリングには、非自立型補助プレッ シャーチューブ付きSTAB-O-BLOCのバリエーションがあります。。違いは外側のサポートチューブによって、曲げモーメントを吸収することです。江西体育彩票-官网开户ガ ススプリングは、補助力と減衰を提供するとともに、座席の高さの調節を可能にしてくれます。


  • 多機能コラムまたは個々のガススプリングとして利用可能
  • 異なる長さや50から300mmのストロークで利用可能
  • 回転、非回転式
  • 異なる多種のアウターチューブの多機能コラム
  • 座り心地をより良くするさまざまな下ばね機能付きシステム
  • 調節可能なタペット突起部
  • さまざまな作動システム



  • STAB-O-MAT – 一番低い椅子の位置におけるばねの偏差の快適性を向上させるなガススプリング
  • STAB-O-MAT ID – 一番低い椅子の位置における改良された下ばね機能付きガススプリング
  • STAB-O-MAT CD – 一番低い椅子の位置において全ストロークにわたり快適に減衰を提供するガススプリング
  • STAB-O-MAT AD – 追加の下ばね機能がより快適にばねの偏差
  • STAB-O-MAT TT – テレスコープアウターチューブ搭載のため回転椅子の調節範囲を非常に広くしてくれる
  • STAB-O-MAT SR – 特定の用途のための非回転式コラム
  • STAB-O-MAT MC – 多機能コラム付きガススプリング
  • STAB-O-BLOC –テレスコープコラム
  • STAB-O-MAT – 作動システム




Swivel Chair Gas Spring has you sitting pretty in any Position

To provide you with a targeted, fast selection, Stabilus offers the ready-to-install STAB-O-MAT standard gas spring in various installation lengths.

All strength classes with a standard tube diameter of 40 and 50 millimeters can be shipped within a few days. Different surface finishes are possible, as are outer tubes painted in a color.



STAB-O-MAT gas pressure springs feature comfortable spring deflection properties over the entire adjustment range. In the lowest seat position, the spring comfort of standard gas springs is determined by the material and shape of the end stop buffer.


Properties and Advantages

  • Available as complete columns or individual gas springs
  • Various rubber buffers with heights from 8 mm – 40 mm
  • Standard height 8 mm
  • Polyurethane foam buffer
  • Maintenance-free
  • Attractive price
  • Easy mounting

Swivel Chair Gas Spring with Comfortable Spring Deflection Properties over the Entire Stroke

A comfortable chair, especially at work, can enhance a person’s well-being and reduce stress on the body.

In order to improve spring comfort in the standard height adjustment range, Stabilus is offering the STAB-O-MAT CD with comfortable spring deflection properties over the entire adjustment range.



The STAB-O-MAT CD has significantly improved spring deflection properties over the entire stroke. Compared with the standard STAB-O-MAT, the CD version does not require additional installation space or extra parts.

Like the STAB-O-MAT ID, it provides superior shock absorption in the lowest seat position. A special end stop buffer and integrated depth spring action gently buffer any weight.



  • Better spring comfort over the entire stroke
  • Improved suspension in the lowest seat position
  • Good comfort/price-performance ratio
  • Maintenance-free
  • Available in different lengths with strokes of 50 -300 mm


  • Swivel chair height adjustment

Swivel Chair Column with Telescope Outer Tube

As a rule, a correct seating position means: The pelvis should be higher than the knees. I.e., the angle between the torso and the thighs should be at least 90 degrees, which can be a problem for tall people when choosing the right swivel chair. This task that can be easily solved by using telescope rods.



The height adjustability of a chair by means of gas springs depends directly on their guided length and thus, on the dimensions of the outer tube. An increased adjustment range will inevitably result in a longer outer tube and consequently, in the lowest seat position being higher.

The Stabilus STAB-O-MAT TT overcomes this effect with its additional telescope tube, which lowers the lowest seat position while maintaining stability and superior guide properties



  • Large adjustment range at very low minimal height
  • Full comfort
  • Maintenance-free
  • Available in different lengths with strokes of 50 -300 mm


  • Swivel chair height adjustment for meeting different swivel chair seat height standards
  • Suitable as a special product for specific market requirements

The Multi-Function Column

In conference rooms or in special conference hall seating, swivel chairs must automatically return to their starting positions after use. This will result in a neat-looking conference table or conference hall.



The multi-function column STAB-O-MAT MC from Stabilus meets exactly those requirements. Due to a patented functional element in the gas spring column, when the occupant gets up, the swivel chair will return to the highest seat position and to its original direction.

This function is available for a standard tube diameter of 50 mm and certain taper lengths.



  • Automatic return to starting direction after load is lifted
  • Automatic return to the highest chair position
  • Comfortable height adjustment
  • Maintenance-free


  • Swivel chairs in conference rooms and halls
  • Special seating applications

Swivel Chair Column with Non-Twisting Intermediate Tube for Footrest Rings

High task chairs or stools often have footrest rings for providing support when feet are raised off the floor. Their drawback: If the seat height is adjusted, the distance to the ring will also change automatically.



In conventional chair columns, the footrest rings are attached to the outer tube and cannot be adjusted.

With the STAB-O-MAT FA, Stabilus has developed a column with which the ring is attached to a special telescopic intermediate tube moving through the stroke with the gas spring. This will always keep the distance between seat and star base the same, regardless of the height of the seat.



  • Foot ring position adjustable to the adjustment range of the gas spring
  • Constant distance between seat and star base


  • Swivel chairs with footrest rings

Swivel Chair Gas Spring with Integrated Depth Spring Action

Additional spring force provides a buffer for preventing undesirable spine compression when sitting down.

In addition to comfortable spring properties over the entire adjustment range, the STAB-O-MAT ID gas spring with integrated depth spring action offers improved shock absorption particularly in the lowest seat position.



The STAB-O-MAT ID features a special end stop buffer for enhanced comfort. The highly progressive force increase of the locked gas spring in the compressed position has been optimized by providing a groove in the guide tube.



  • Improved spring function in the lowest seat position
  • Special end stop buffer
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in different lengths with strokes of 50 -300 mm


  • Swivel chair height adjustment

Swivel Chair Gas Spring with Additional Depth Spring Action over the Entire Adjustment Range

Your back will thank you for it: For highly ergonomic seating, the STAB-O-MAT-AD gas spring from Stabilus provides very comfortable spring deflection properties over the entire adjustment range and in the lowest seat position, combining the advantages of the STAB-O-MAT variants ID and CD.



An additional coil compression spring in the outer tube provides superior depth spring action. This spring is connected to the piston rod of the gas spring via a flexible coupling. When the piston rod is fully compressed, the coil compression spring performs the additional end position dampening of the column.

The gas spring and the coil compression spring work together in all stroke positions, resulting in extremely comfortable, soft shock absorption when the gas spring is locked.


  • Superior ergonomic seating comfort with deep springing in any seat position.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Available in different lengths with strokes of 50 -300 mm



  • Swivel chair height adjustment

The Non-Twisting Swivel Chair Column

There are workplaces where chairs need to be height adjustable but should not turn, either due to special requirements or safety regulations.



Particularly for this situation, Stabilus has developed the STAB-O-MAT SR column. It provides the full comfort of the variably height-adjustable STAB-O-MAT and is additionally equipped with a lock against twisting. This will secure the chair in its preset direction.



  • Does not turn
  • Full comfort of height adjustment
  • Maintenance-free



  • For workstations without turning function

Swivel Chairs with a Stop Function

Sometimes it will be necessary to prevent task chairs and stools from accidentally rolling away.

For this purpose, Stabilus has developed the STAB-O-BLOC SF column with a stroke-dependent stop function.Integrated into standing task chairs, the column will hold the extended chair safely in place. In the lower seat range, the occupant will enjoy the familiar comfort of an ergonomic swivel chair.



From a defined trigger point, when a load is applied, a rubber stopper will rebound from the column, reliably braking the chair. Below this point, the stopper will remain in the column.


  • Column with additional stop function for seated/standing workstations
  • Easy to realize
  • Prevents the chair from rolling away at a defined seat height
  • No additional brake necessary



  • Column with additional stop function for seated/standing workstations

Swivel Chair Column with Electrically Adjustable Valve

In a swivel chair, the gas pressure spring usually assumes the traditional height adjustment function.

This requires operating an actuation mechanism by hand or by foot. The new STAB-O-MAT E-Release gas spring from Stabilus, where an electric valve regulates chair height, will allow the chair to be moved to the right position at the push of a button.


The valve can be operated directly on the chair or by remote radio control. This allows networking multiple chairs and adjusting them at the same time. By integrating individual occupant detection and a time relay, each chair can be controlled individually or with a time delay.

In addition, the STAB-O-MAT ER monitors the seat position. Once a certain seat height has been reached, the valve shuts off. A gas cushion provides the familiar depth spring action.

The E-Release gas spring can also be equipped with a memory function, which stores preferred seat positions and recalls them, if necessary. Visual or acoustic displays offer additional control options.

The STAB-O-MAT ER makes novel actuation systems such as touchpanels or microswitches possible. This opens up completely new design possibilities for chair designers.



  • Individual electric valve actuation of the gas spring without lever/Bowden cable.
  • Designer solutions thanks to new actuation systems
  • Power supplied by rechargeable battery or solar panels



  • Conference chairs
  • Chairs in gaming halls/casinos
  • High-quality individual chairs for multiple users
Actuation Systems

STAB-O-MAT Actuation Systems for Height Adjustment


All swivel chair columns from Stabilus can be height adjusted through different actuation mechanisms. Depending on the installation, different solutions are available:



Axial actuation

Axial actuation of a plastic tappet is considered the standard in chair height adjustment.


Axial Actuation System with Adjusting Screw

With an additional adjusting screw in the tappet, the projection and thus the actuation point in the lever can be exactly defined.


Valve Pin Actuation

During valve pin actuation, the valve seat will shift into the gas spring taper to maximize the stroke. In this system, the actuation mechanism will affect the pin directly in the axial direction.


Acial Bowden Cable

If the actuator is installed in a location other than directly on the valve, an axial Bowden cable can be used. Due to its ease of installation, it provides the most freedom for placing the actuation mechanism.


Radial Bowden Cable Actuation

In radial actuation systems, fixed and swiveling radial Bowden cable actuation are available as standard.

The turning version allows tension-free installation. In addition, the gas spring need not be aligned exactly.


Radial Joystick-Actuation

Radial “joystick actuation” can be operated laterally in any direction, as well as from above. This makes the application more flexible and saves space.